Jessica Lange


Jessica Lange


McGuinn Clark and Hillman. McGuinn credits their success to God, but I credit the Albert Brothers, who gave them their slick 70s friendly sound.


New York City c.1968



Mike Nesmith on the set of 'Head'.
Flip, July 1968. Via The Monkees Live Almanac.



43 years ago today » concert for bangladeshaugust 1, 1971

"i think the most memorable thing, really, was the fact that is came off and that it worked because there was very little time preceding the concert, to organize it. the concert happened to be on august the 1st because that was  the only day madison square garden was available. so it was pure coincidence. and all the people that were assembled there with very short notice, very little rehearsal in come cases there was no rehearsal. i managed to do a little bit with the horn players and with the rhythm section but that was the main thing, that it actually worked." -george harrison 


Belinda Carlisle - Circle in the Sand

"The music video [for Circle in the Sand] features Carlisle singing with various beach scenes in the background. The video mirrors the lyrical content of the song with ‘cold wind’, ‘tide mov[ing] in’ and ‘waves crash’-ing throughout. It makes use of video editing tricks by displaying different images of Carlisle and the surf against sheets hanging on a clothes line with another surf behind it. The combined effect gives the resemblance of a video-based collage. Carlisle’s look in this video is the same long, red hair look she features on the back cover of the Heaven on Earth album.”

- from Wikipedia

"The Circle in the Sand video, being shot on the beach, marks a return to the setting of Belinda Carlisle’s first solo hit, Mad About You.

Our opening shot: in the background, waves crash on the beach. In the foreground, there are a couple of clotheslines. Clothespins hold up two small video screens, which wobble in the wind. One shows footage of waves crashing on the beach, while the other shows Carlisle, also on the beach.

We cut back and forth to different angles on the beach. Sometimes Carlisle is visible in the picture-in-picture, sometimes we just get extra shots of waves crashing on the sand.

Carlisle looks glam with long auburn hair, like a Douglas Sirk heroine.

Cut to earlier in the day: she’s lying on the beach in her [black] chiffon dress, with a photo album open in front of her. We see various full-screen shots of Carlisle, and then see the same shots hanging on the clothesline, suggesting that today is just material for tomorrow’s snapshots.”

- 1988 Countdown: Belinda Carlisle, Circle in the Sand

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St.Johnny - Everything Is Beautiful
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"Everything is Beautiful" // St. Johnny

Summer anthem of ‘95, or the summer where I’d come home smelling like a hot garbage-tinged Ensure milkshake.